May is National Lyme disease Awareness Month!

Be “tick-aware” of your surroundings when you are visiting our local parks and recreation areas! Lyme disease is the most reported vector-borne disease in the U.S., and in 2019 there were 34,945 cases in the US.

Researchers suggest that the Lyme disease cases are nearly 10 times the reported numbers, due to under-reporting, or over 300,000 cases annually. While hiking in known tick habitat, consider using a DEET based repellent on your exposed skin, and an occasional tick check of yourself, your pets and companions will help reduce your risk of exposure to ticks. We can help with tick identification, risk assessment and help facilitate the submission of ticks for lab testing for the Lyme disease spirochete.

Wildlife & Rodents

Wildlife and rodents are not only a potential threat for exposure of diseases but can also damage your premises, garden, and can be a threat to your pets. We’re here to help!

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Insects can be irritating and have a potential to transmit diseases to humans and pets. To protect yourself, your family, and property send us your request for services here.

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Dead Bird

Dead birds attract insects and flies that can be a threat to you and your loved ones. Stay safe and Report a dead bird here.

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What is a Vector?

Vectors are animals or insects that do not cause disease but spread infections by transmitting pathogens from one host to another. Vectors are, including but not restricted to, fleas (plague), flies (Salmonella), ticks (Lyme disease), mites, rodents (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome), and bats (Rabies).

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