We provide Services for Alameda County residents, property owners, and property managers.

Requests for service are generally related to vectors, such as rodents, insects (bed bugs, fleas, flies, cockroaches), arachnids (mites, ticks), and nuisance wildlife (bats, raccoons, opossums, skunks), as well as causative condition, such as garbage, rubbish, overgrowth and abandoned/neglected properties. We are not a licensed structure pest control agency, please see our District response policy regarding wildlife, bees and yellowjackets (“Wildlife and Bees/Yellowjackets Response Policy”).

We also give presentations to community groups and organizations.

A “request for service” (RFS) can be made by filling out the form below. Please be sure to provide your name, address, day time contact phone number and a brief description of the problem.

Once the “service request” is verified, you will be contacted within three working days.

Please note that the District does not perform pest control functions, such as spraying for ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, exterminating rats and mice, removal of bees and wasp nests from inside structures. We also do not service private traps, euthanize animals, or investigate dog bite incidents. All these functions are performed by private pest control companies, or local animal control agencies. We no longer provide mosquito related services to the City of Albany. All residents need to contact the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District at (510) 783-7744.

Wildlife and Bees/Yellowjackets Response Policy

The District will respond to these requests for service from the public:

  1. Nuisance wildlife causing damage to yards, entering home crawlspaces or attics; causing damage to autos or boats; attacking pets or aggressive behavior to people.
  2. Bat(s) in buildings, homes or schools.
  3. Larger animals, such as mountain lion, wild boar, wild turkey or coyotes, will be referred to our USDA-APHIS Wildlife Specialist.
  4. Bees, honeybee swarms and wasp requests for service that are not inside habitable structures. Inside dwellings should be referred to Pest Control Professionals.

Refer to other agencies:

  1. Rehabilitation of injured or displaced wildlife:

    The caller is required to transport the animal to the rehabilitation center and may pay a fee.

  2. Animals trapped in private traps: refer to professional trappers in Yellow Pages or on-line. There is a charge for their service. California Fish and Wildlife does not allow wildlife relocation.
  3. Dead animals in homes, yards, or streets: If animal is killed by a pet, local Animal Control Agency should treat it like any other rabies investigation. Otherwise, refer to local Animal Control Agency for removal, or commercial trappers (some trappers will remove dead animals from homes for a service charge).