In Alameda County, there are several species of stinging insects that may nest on your property and can cause concerns. The four most commonly encountered in our area are yellow jackets, paper wasps, bumble bees and honey bees. Each of these insects are quite different and individual control requires different methods.

Public health is a major concern when it comes to stinging insects, especially for individuals who are allergic to the venom of these insects. In certain individuals, stings can cause a life-threatening systemic reaction that rapidly leads to anaphylactic shock. For some individuals, the reaction can cause constriction of airway passages, extensive swelling of tissues in the throat area, and cardiovascular collapse due to a rapid drop in blood pressure. Anyone stung by insects who is experiencing symptoms like this should seek medical attention immediately.

If you have problems with stinging insect nests or bee hives on your property, please call our office or make a request for service on-line. Out Biologists can identify the stinging insect, provide an on-site consultation and control recommendations. PLEASE NOTE: Insect nests and hives inside walls or structures are not serviced by the District. You are advised to call a professional pest management company if you have insects nesting in wall voids or in indoor spaces.

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