The Yellow Sac Spider ranges from about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in body size. This spider is light yellow or tan and is slightly darker on the middle of the abdomen near the head. The young spiders can be almost transparent and easily go unnoticed. The Yellow Sac spider spins a spherical web and is a hunting/wandering spider. This spider nests in undisturbed locations like corners, ceilings, around doorframes, behind pictures and seldom used clothing. Outdoors, this spider is found in bushes under leaves.
Yellow Sac spiders walk on walls and ceilings at night in search of food. If disturbed they may quickly drop to the floor to escape, and may drop onto a person. The sac this spider makes is also used as an egg depository, and may contain a female and dozens of recently hatched young. Bites usually occur when the spider drops onto a person or is trapped against someone in clothing or bedding. Experts believe that sac spiders bite people more frequently than other species, making them a public health concern due to the pain, redness, and swelling that can result from a bite.
  • Monitor the corners, ceiling, and door jams for the web sac and vacuum immediately if found.
  • Avoid leaving your porch light on at night, or use a motion detector sensor. A night-light will attract insects which attract spiders.
  • Keep plants back from the perimeter of your living structure. Plants provide food for insects, which are food for spiders. When plants rest against the side of your home, it provides access for spiders to climb into your home.
  • A clear open area will reduce the attractiveness to spiders. Remove debris and vegetation that provides shelter for spiders.
  • Keep window and door screens in good repair.
  • A monthly rinsing of eaves, windows, and doors will help reduce spider populations on the exterior of your home.
  • An effective way to remove an unwanted spider from your home is to vacuum it up with the hose and wand attachment.
  • Locating and removing eggs sacs will reduce future spider populations.
  • The use of pesticides can aide in spider control. Use only chemicals registered for spiders. The standard treatment is around windows and doors, under eaves and along the foundation of the home.

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A Guide to Yellow Sac Spider

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