The Oriental cockroach is now a common pest in Alameda County. Over the last several decades it has moved into several new neighborhoods. When young, these cockroaches have a reddish-brown color. As they mature, they grow to 1 ½ – 2 inches and darken to a blackish color with an oily sheen to the body. The male has wings covering most of its body and the female only possesses small wing pads.
The female Oriental cockroach will deposit a purse-shaped egg case containing up to 16 eggs that hatch in approximately 2 months. She can live up to 18 months and produce 18 egg cases during her lifetime, so populations can increase rapidly.

In Alameda County, Oriental cockroaches may be found in suburban neighborhoods. Our mild climate allows them to live outdoors in utility boxes and under concrete slabs. They may be found in yard mulch or between stacks of stored wood. They are nocturnal and roam properties looking for food. They are mostly seen outside on driveways or sidewalks. They enter garages and homes if they can get under doors. Their climbing abilities are limited because they do not possess sticky pads on their feet like American or German cockroaches.

Control of Oriental cockroaches requires exclusion and extended pest control treatments. Tight fitting weather stripping doors and tightly sealing windows are critical for excluding this cockroach. They can enter a house or building through the smallest of openings, so areas around utility pipes and wires should be sealed with caulking or other material. Clearing up clutter and unneeded storage around the outside of the building can help reduce the harborage areas for these cockroaches.

Outdoor treatments with poison baits or insecticides should be used in areas such as water meter boxes, along concrete edges, and as a barrier treatment around buildings. The key to success is to be sure to follow up over the next two months as the young emerge from the egg cases.

Cockroach bait stations, gel baits, insect growth regulators, dusts and sprays are available. Insecticides will suppress the population of Oriental cockroaches. It is best to consult a professional before applying, as incorrect use can exacerbate an infestation. Please contact us for consultations, inspections, identifications, and recommendations.

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