Green Bottle Fly (Lucilia spp.)

The green bottle fly is one of the most common and widley distributed flies in California. The adults are easily distinguished by their metallic green body. They are one of the first flies to lay eggs on recently cooked meats, fresh decaying garbage or dead animals. With high temperatures, the life cycle, from egg to adults, can be completed within 7 days or less. Larvae disperse from their food source to pupate and may be found climbing on walls near garbage cans and compost bins. They are active year-round in warmer regions of the state and populations peak during summer months.

Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens)

This fly is commonly found in compost bins. Black solider fly larvae are commercially available for decomposing garden waste and other vegetation. Larvae play an important role in composting. The adult Soldier flies are quite large, and can be a nuisance in composting or recycling sites.

If you have difficulties finding the larval food source or identifying a fly, call our District (510-567-6800) or submit an online request for service. We will inspect your property, identify the fly and make recommendations for the elimination of the larval food source.

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Common Flies in Alameda County

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